Quality and Warranty

Quality and Warranty


We repair with rubber than complies with strict quality requirements (hardness, tensile strength and tractive force, elasticity with breakages, etc.). We can send you a Technical Data Sheet of the rubber compound if you wish.


The rollers have a warranty period of three years for demonstrable production faults such as solidity and vulcanisation. This warranty excludes wear and tear and unprofessional use.

Food Grade repairs (food-safe)

Vulkanisatie Zeeland can equip anything with food-grade rubber. Food-grade rollers are made from a rubber compound that complies with the most stringent quality standards in the area of food safety (food grade). All food-grade produced rollers come with a declaration of compliance which endorses that the repaired axial rollers comply with the requirements for food-safe processing of vegetables and fruit.

Getting axial rollers of agrarian machines repaired has numerous advantages. Repairs are cheaper than replacements, you are reducing landfill and you can have the rollers repaired as you wish; 100 percent customised! For example, you can opt for a slightly larger or even smaller diameter, an anomalous speed (swivel profile), or a slightly harder or softer compound.

  • Food-safe processing of agrarian products
  • Applicable for every worn axial roller
  • 100% custom-made
  • Considerably cheaper than new rolls
  • A sustainable business model


  • Second life
  • Reduces waste
  • Contributes to PlanetProof mark of quality
  • Considerable cost savings
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