repair and renewalof tires, axial rollers and rollers


Vulcanization Zeeland: the right address for repair and recovery of various rubber products

Vulkanisatie Zeeland is a young and dynamic company that was founded in 2011. We specialise in repairing damage to all types of tyres, but we also specialise in repairing tracks. We are also able to apply rubber to rollers, wheels, barrels, profiles, etc. of all types and sizes, whether this involves first-time application or renewed application.

Vulkanisatie Zeeland has both domestic and international customers and clients for whom our professional team carries out both small and large assignments.

We offer specific and unique products. Our website shows the various specialisms we offer and if your product is not amongst them, then simply contact our sales department. They will transform your needs into a suitable quote and product.



Our solutions

  • Repair axial and haulm rolls
  • Vulcanization of tires and tracks
  • Refresh running wheels
  • Polyurethane coatings of steel materials
  • Repair of rubber tracks
  • Rubber maintenance
  • Coating of steel cores
  • Professional solutions
  • Always fast and inexpensive

Vulcanisation Zeeland is the specialist in repairing agricultural tires and axial rolls!